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The Vibrant Journey of GHA Media

Year 1 : The Genesis

Dreaming into Reality

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  • GHA Media is born, a brainchild of Parth.
  • Seeds of On-Demand Video Editing Services planted from his Study Table.
  • First Client steps into the limelight for Video Editing magic.
  • Crafting the initial business symphony and service harmonies

Months 4-6: The Grand Unveiling

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  • The digital curtain rises - GHA Media's website takes the stage.
  • The overture of brand identity plays, resonating through the online corridors.

Months 7-12: The Blossoming

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  • Applause echoes with positive client testimonials.
  • Services expand like a dynamic 2D animations and motion graphics, responding to client demands.
  • A new character enters the scene: Ritupurn, now the COO of GHA Media, adds a fresh dynamic to the narrative.
  • The portfolio gains 2 more clients, enriching the storyline with diverse collaborations.

Year 2: Harmony in Growth

Months 13-18: Expanding Horizons

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  • Innovations dance through the frames of Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Graphic Designing.
  • The GHA Media's narrative extends to new industries.
  • Networking echoes in the symphony of industry events.
  • The team swells with new 3 new talents - Pulkit, Shreshtth & Bhavana

Months 19-24: Building the Crescendo in Covid-19

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  • Sanskriti, another character enters the GHA Media, now the Social Media Expert, bringing a fresh twist to the story.
  • We added 7 new members to our team -Sachin, Saurabh, Manvinder, Anjali, Arjun, Rahil and Devansh
  • Training programs sculpt each note, refining the team's virtuosity.
  • The tempo quickens, and delivery reaches a crescendo.
  • Despite the uncertainties brought on by the global pandemic. GHA Media's entire team seamlessly transitions to remote work.
  • Adds 4 new clients to GHA Media during this challenging period.

Months 31-36: The Techno Ballet

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  • The latest tools pirouette into the agency's routine.
  • The team swells with two new talents - Karan [now the Project Manager & Lead Editor] and Adesh
  • New service features like Social Media Management & Short-form Video Editing [TikTok / Reels / YouTube Shorts] take centre stage.

Year 4: Scaling the Symphony

Months 37-42: Geographical Overture

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  • Offices bloom in new locations, widening the agency's stage.
  • Strategic partnerships harmonize with other businesses in the field of medical coding [Odyssey Informatics].
  • Marketing crescendos reach a wider audience.
  • A new virtuoso takes the stage: Priyal, joining GHA Media now the Project Manager & Lead Motion Graphic Artist.

Months 43-48: The Orchestra Grows

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  • A strategic partner DataStunt joins the ensemble: Nihit becomes part of GHA Media as the C.T.O., the mastermind behind all technological advancements.
  • Team expansion transforms the agency into a grand ensemble adding 4 new members to the team - Shivangi, Akriti, Venali, and Urvi.
  • Project management systems compose a smoother workflow.
  • Diversification of services becomes a symphony of client desires.

Year 5: The Magnum Opus

Months 43-48: The Orchestra Grows

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  • Five years of standing ovations for GHA Media.
  • Reflections on the symphony's key movements and standing ovations.
  • A new crescendo in partnerships with Panchneeti, forging a strategic alliance that adds a harmonious cadence to the agency's journey. This collaboration not only enhances the agency's offerings, but also brings new clients into the GHA Media family, creating a richer and more diverse melody in the grand symphony of success.
  • Joining the ensemble, 3 new members - Ved, Aryan and Deepak [Creative Specialist] bring their unique skills to the agency's talent pool.

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  • Announcements resonate as the orchestra plays on.
  • Technological notes harmonize with future trends in video editing.
  • Commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, a melody for the next movement.
  • The team expands its composition once again as 8 new members joins - Ambrish, Niketan, Lakshay, Alfiya, Rachna, Nishtha, Dheerendra & Yesh [Graphic Designer Specialist], each adding their distinctive notes to the ensemble. GHA Media's crescendo of growth leads the way, fusing technology and a commitment to excellence for client satisfaction in every symphonic movement.

Year 6: Harmonizing Horizons

New Chapter Coming Soon in July of 2024!

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